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£3.2 million data sharing contract signed by OS and Basemap

By Laurence Mcclenaghan
3 August 2022

Basemap and Ordnance Survey (OS) have revealed details of £3.2million data sharing Public Sector Geospatial Agreement, PSGA, which will provide data to the Public Sector.

PSGA is a contract between the OS and the public sector for access, use and sharing of location data.

Basemap won a Tender process to provide Great Britain average speed and speed limit data to the 5,000 plus members of the PSGA, enhancing the existing product range available to the public sector> This allows for quicker decisions without the barrier to purchase this comprehensive dataset.

Basemap are located at Surrey Research park while the OS are headquartered in Southampton.

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Basemap’s Speed Limit data is the most detailed dataset for roads in Great Britain and its average speed data offers 100% coverage across all of Great Britain’s roads.

“We are delighted to win this contract,” said Mark Gallagher, chief executive officer. “Our datasets, produced with the help of our partners, are the most accurate available.

"From 1st April 2023 PSGA members will be able to access the Speed data free of charge through Ordnance Survey. Other businesses are able to purchase this data immediately.”

Andrew Hanley – OS Supplier Management & Sourcing Lead said, “At OS we continually work on new processes for data capture to make sure our products contain the most up to date information.

"It is vital our customers have access to reliable and trusted location data to support their own products, services and decision making.

"The new agreement to use Basemap’s dataset across the roads in Great Britain will be of great benefit to a range of customers who use highway and road data, including the delivery and haulage industry, public transport providers and the emergency services.”

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