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Amazon Filters puts mobile filtration units on stand-by for UK water industry

By TBM Team
10 June 2021

A UK filtration specialist has put a fleet of mobile units on stand-by for the UK water industry helping municipal water companies cope with the impact of extreme weather this summer. Amazon Filters’ investment in rental ‘skids’ and container-mounted systems is designed to ensure clean water supplies continue to run even in potentially serious drought or flood conditions.

Amazon Filters puts mobile filtration units on stand-by for UK water industry

A mobile filtration unit on stand-by at Amazon Filters manufacturing centre in Camberley, Surrey.

The move strengthens companies’ options for resilience planning, risk mitigation and compliance with regulatory demands from the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).

Each mobile unit is installed with Amazon Filters’ SupaSpun II absolute-rated depth filters which are on the approved list for use in the public water supply under DWI Regulation 31. SupaSpun filters are ideal for combating issues such as turbidity, high manganese and iron levels, and chlorine and cryptosporidium contamination. Kit can be readily assembled in bespoke configurations with Amazon Filters engineers available to provide on-site assistance.

Amazon Filters’ investment programme has most recently benefited companies and contractors working to recommission two ageing water treatment stations. One is a Grade II listed Victorian building dating from 1897. The other is a borehole station built in 1925 which had deterioration in unlined pipes and high turbidity levels. At each location, skid assemblies featured three filter housings with 40 x 40” SupaSpun filter cartridges, giving a total capacity of 5.7 million litres of water per day. Amazon Filters’ kit has helped to ensure both stations now successfully meet DWI R31 standards of supply.

Karl Pizzey, Amazon Filters operations director, said: “We have recently put dedicated investment into our mobile filtration units precisely to support our water company customers.

“Like the rest of the world, the UK is experiencing more extremes in its weather. For example, while May 2020 was one of the driest Mays on record, May 2021 was one of the wettest. Extremes of drought or flooding can both impact on water supplies to homes, businesses and communities. Any supply failure can have enormous implications.

“We believe that effective management must start with planning and investment in the resilience of water supply systems. The capability to switch from usual water sources to alternative ones, including boreholes or stored supplies, is key. This is where investment in mobile filtration kit, whether owned or rented, comes in. Transferring water from one place to another, and from secondary sources, will typically entail additional filtration to ensure quality standards continue to be met. In emergency situations, when collaborative transfers within and between regions make good sense in theory, filtration capability is vital.

“An early choice of filtration equipment will mean less risk of having to rely on a neighbouring water company to step in and maintain supplies if your region is out of action. Strong mobile resource also means that strengthening resilience in one location needn’t adversely affect the level of resilience in another. It is for all these reasons that we have invested in putting more mobile skids and container systems on stand-by for companies and their contractors to use. The investment supports our ‘quick and able’ approach to manufacturing capacity. We are one of the very few filtration equipment specialists able to design and build bespoke solutions with fast turnaround times.”

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