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Aviation manufacturer RHH Franks successfully underwent audits

By TBM Team
10 June 2021

A specialist manufacturer in Hampshire has completed a clean sweep of all four of its accreditations for the global aviation industry. New Milton-based RHH Franks successfully underwent intense on-site independent audits of its Nadcap accreditations for non-destructive testing, heat treatment, chemical processing and welding.

Aviation manufacturer RHH Franks successfully underwent audits

Elsa Hogan, managing director, with accreditation certificates

It has now successfully completed nearly 50 audits since joining the Nadcap programme – formerly the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program – in 2004.

Elsa Hogan, managing director, said: “Achieving Nadcap accreditation is not easy but as a company, we were determined to obtain and maintain such an important stamp of approval. It not only gives clients confidence in our ability, but also ensures we are consistently reviewing our own performance and processes.

“I’m delighted that we’ve again completed another successful round of Nadcap audits and want to extend my gratitude to the entire team, whose engineering expertise and professionalism is critical to us delivering such a high standard of service and complaint products to our clients.”

Most recently, the company received merit status for welding for the 13th time in a row since first being accredited in 2004. This means RHH Franks benefits from a less frequent audit schedule, reducing costs and time pressures on internal resources.

RHH Franks’ commitment to ensuring the highest quality for its aviation clients was cemented in 2004 with successful Nadcap accreditation for non-destructive testing, TIG welding and torch brazing. Heat treatment, including dip brazing, and chemical processing accreditations followed in 2006 and 2009 respectively. Since then, the firm has undergone almost 50 audits, passing with flying colours every time.

Such a significant track-record of audit success puts RHH Franks among a limited group of elite manufacturers who operate at the highest level and are recognised as trusted suppliers to the aerospace industry.

David Schutt, president and chief executive officer at the Performance Review Institute, said: “Compliance is a mindset. It is more than a goal as it requires ongoing effort. While a Nadcap audit is a defined moment in time for which auditees prepare in advance, actually creating and maintaining a culture of compliance within an organisation is a constant endeavour and often a thankless task. Consequently, and in recognition of their hard work, I am delighted to congratulate RHH Franks for maintaining Nadcap accreditation.”

RHH Franks is based on the Gore Road Industrial Estate in New Milton.

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