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Coronavirus: Special promotion rates to help small businesses

By Dan Teuton
23 March 2020
SMEs could find it increasingly difficult to promote their services in the coronavirus crisis - because the usual channels may be significantly disrupted.

To help small companies get their messages out to the market, The Business Magazine is offering a special discounted rate - available now, and until April 30, 2020.

Using our website, weekly newsletters and social media postings, we can provide a targeted platform for SMEs to make key announcements.
The discounted package includes:
  • A 650-word post on www.businessmag.co.uk
  • A link to that post on our weekly newsletter
  • Social media posts (LinkedIn and Twitter) with links to the article
With coronavirus making many routes to market difficult, or even impossible, this package is a cost-effective way of delivering your key messages.
For more details, contact Nathan Inns (Thames Valley) [email protected]
or Alan Lindstrom (Solent) [email protected]

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