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FeverCheckerPro: Game-changing Covid-19 protection & health management helps companies get back to normal

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Managing in the Covid-19 era presents new challenges

Things are difficult managing an organisation in these challenging times even as we are gradually transitioning out of Covid-19 yet the prospect of a widespread winter Influenza outbreak threatens. As we spend more time indoors during the dark months ahead, the Government has shared its concerns over a possible ‘twindemic’ of Covid-19 and Influenza. For many organisations’ management the question is, are our procedures robust enough today to be able to cope and maintain business?

Do we have appropriate measures in place to effectively identify illness and prevent contagion within our staff and visitor cohort? Do we have demonstrable Duty of Care procedures in place that would help avert the potential of litigation in event of serious illness or mortality in our establishment? How do we monitor staffs’ health daily, so we are quickly alert to the prospect of illness, consequential contagion and staff shortage?  What can organisations do to monitor visitor health and prevent virus entry? These questions go to the very heart of every business yet many are searching for adequate answers so they can take the unknowns and guesswork out of corporate management. 

Throughout the pandemic the Government has had to be agile and regularly adjust its recommendations and policies meaning that organisations too have had the challenge of adjusting accordingly. The constant throughout all this change of protocols is temperature testing and entry control, which remain as paramount today as they have been throughout the pandemic, as guardians of businesses and public organisations. I

n many ways, these two criteria have an accentuated necessity with the prospect of a winter of high transmission rates of influenza. Management now needs to address a second virus type, the influenza virus and one which is not responsive to lateral flow or PCR tests so the next challenge is a new beginning and when is the right time to prepare for it? Our advice is act now and deploy, don’t wait for a crisis. Temperature testing has become a fundamental methodology to identify viruses and when deployed at all entry points to buildings temperature checks act as a barrier to contagion. Monitoring body temperature is analogous to your cars’ engine monitoring system which does it continuously, not once a day, thus with the human body the more frequently temperature checks are done the less likely a temperature related virus will slip through unnoticed. 

Monitoring temperature change is a litmus to the onset of illness

At FeverCheckerPro we recommend a methodology called 3xD, an abbreviation for  three checks a day. Whilst this might sound complicated, it's simple since the FeverCheckerPro checks take less than a second, are completely contactless and are effortlessly easy to do. With three checks a day a person builds up a personal temperature profile and the system can then automatically look for variations indicative of fever and impending illness. Often treating an illness early can reduce its’ severity and consequential medical attention which in turn saves the NHS money.  

Organisational risk appetite

Organisations operate policies and procedures that afford protection from undesirable outcomes and sometimes unforeseen risk. In so doing they mitigate risk to acceptable levels, just as we do in our daily lives with insurance policies which we hope we will never be required to call upon. Whilst the pandemic is a relatively new phenomenon, we’ve learned that Covid-19 is highly contagious and mutates. Some people recover while others suffer from ‘long Covid’ and there is still an unacceptable level of daily deaths. Although things are gradually improving, layer on a winter where there’s the potential of mass influenza and there remains uncertainty over how organisations will cope with the potential of staff shortages, disruption and costly closure.  The question is what steps can organisations take to quantify and therefore manage the risk of a horrible winter? 

Typically, organisations follow Government guidelines but as yet there’s no guidance for influenza. Even with Covid-19 double vaccinations and booster jabs it is a high-risk strategy for organisations to rely on Government advice on its own particularly as it does not incorporate any contingency for influenza or other Covid-19 variants. 

For risk averse organisations there are measures available that compliment Government advice, that can easily be implemented to achieve the far more robust and greater level of protection and with far great potential to achieve business continuity. It’s about organisations establishing control but controlling a little understood virus is difficult, or is it? 

The circumstances we find ourselves in are by-and-large new and unfamiliar and thus the recourse to good management practices and counter measures in not necessarily obvious nor apparently accessible.  There are few experts in this field and it requires dedicated and determined research to find an organisation that understands both the changing health landscape and an organisations’ need to exercise the balance of control back into the organisations gift. FeverCheckerPro is one such company who have a team that is entirely focussed on Covid-19 and health management for business and public organisations

Centurions of Covid management and health monitoring

FeverCheckerPro systems are the centurions on guard at organisations’ entrances, collecting and reporting health data for dissemination and decision-making. By checking everyone’s temperature, checking for masks, their vaccines, lateral flow and PCR records, a variety of relevant metrics are accumulated. The more granular the data, the better the decision making both in terms of speed and accuracy. Fast data acquisition means fast reaction which is a catalyst for reactive management control. 

FeverCheckerPro’s mantra is to ‘kick Covid out’ and this is indeed one of the company’s Twitter hashtags.  Addressing clients’ needs for simplicity and affordability the company’s automatic, digital health checking systems have been designed to work autonomously 24/7, 365, without burdening organisations with over head of additional staff and associated.  The system’s integrated approach combines multiple work functions into streamlines unified procedures, meaning that complicated processes and procedures are simplified with real time monitoring and dashboards enabling organisations’ management to have relevant and live data on staff and visitors’ status which includes location and in-the-moment temperature and may also incorporate vaccination records. For the first time for many, FeverCheckerPro systems give organisations control of Covid-19 protection and health management. The objective of the systems is to remove the variables, replacing the guesswork with data for management control, reducing the contagion risk to a minor level whilst simultaneously also ensuring everyone is in good health. 

The architecture behind FeverCheckerPros’ Covid-19 protection and health management systems consists of its highly accurate temperature testing device with facial recognition onto which is layered vaccine, LFT, PCR and other data records and topped off with automated, computer-based workflows designed for different activities and market segments. The Fever Firewall ™ application protects offices, everywhere, across networks, simultaneously managing multiple entrances across buildings, streets, towns, cities and counties, controlling access according to conformance to user configured criteria such as temperature and vaccine records. The health status of a whole offices’ people is continuously monitored day and night, instantaneous and live with automatic alerts in event of an undesirable event. FeverCheckerPro is the canary in the Covid-19 coalmine, capable of sharing data to public, private and personal systems, even mobile phones, warning of an impending illness which is not necessarily Covid-19 but could be another undesirable, temperature-based illness. 

Elevated control elevates business continuity 

It almost goes without saying, that control is a fundamental part of an organisations’ management and directly effects its very being and continuity. Almost all organisations invest in operational software to assist their smooth running and FeverCheckerPro systems should be consider similarly as its function is to monitor its’ peoples’ health, continuously collecting data for analysis and management. The data also acts to indemnify an organisations Duty of Care to its staff and visitors in the event of any litigation whist simultaneously improving people’s’ lives. The side benefits of these systems includes management of many tasks that would otherwise be undertaken by staff and other systems, thus FeverCheckerPro reduces labour costs while simultaneously improving an organisations’ efficiency and productivity, regardless of size or industry sector. FeverCheckerPro is a game changer, particularly as its designed to be accessible, to all as prices start from just £12.82 per week.

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