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Five of the most interesting tech vacancies in the Thames Valley right now

By Steve Charnock
5 July 2022

Outside of the capital, there's no finer place to live than the Thames Valley. At least in terms of economic opportunities and employment, anyway. This is particularly the case if you work in technology.

'Silicon Thames Valley' is a huge hub for IT jobs, even with the increasing popularity of remote working positions within the sector, the Valley offers huge opportunity.

Those of you that are tech-minded/savvy/qualified/experienced are often spoiled for technology employment choices in Oxford, Reading and the various other towns and cities of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. To demonstrate our point, we scoured the job market in order to illuminate five such examples...

Lead Python Developer - Unspecified firm, Reading (up to £90k)

The data and analytics recruitment specialists handling this one (Harnham) aren't revealing the employer, but do hint in their job ad that they are 'a globally known company that operates in a variety of industries' and 'a household name'.

Due to 'a mass merge' which will see the organisation 'expanding their engineering team rapidly', 10 Python Developers are being recruited with a Lead also being taken on (with a salary edging towards six figures).

For more info on the job, click here.

AI Scientist - PGSM Consulting, Reading (salary not specified)

Reading's PGSM, based out of Davidson House, are expanding and looking to fill a few positions at the company. The most interesting of which are three Artificial Intelligence Scientist roles - in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Applicants are expected to have 'strong publications or projects showing clear evidence of high-quality research and innovation in fields directly related to AI and proven experience and ability to implement high-performance AI solutions.'

For more info on the job, click here.

Cryptography Architect - PQShield, Oxford (salary not specified)

Oxford's PQShield describe themselves as 'an early-stage, highly innovative deep tech spinout from the University of Oxford, specialising in post-quantum cryptography and cybersecurity that is well-funded and VC backed'. Their mission is 'to innovate and create solutions for the world's most imminent security challenge: quantum computers'. And they're looking for a new Cryptography Architect to assist in that mission.

The job will involve 'managing technical projects in Hardware, Software and Firmware across the company and help define the next generation of secure Hardware and Software implementations of Post Quantum Cryptography.'

Salary isn't specified online, but given that a PhD or degree in Cryptography, Applied Cryptography, Mathematics or Computer Science, as well as 2+ years of work experience or research in the field of Post-Quantum Cryptography is required, the package will likely be pretty attractive.

For more info on the job, click here.

Electronics Engineer - Unspecified, Reading (£50-70k)

Tech recruiters IC Resources have been tasked with finding 'a well-established company in Reading to build Quantum Computers'. The salary budgets extends to £70,000, with additional - but unspecified - 'excellent benefits' also on offer.

The selected candidate 'will be at the forefront of the quantum revolution', work in 'a dynamic environment' and help 'develop innovative solutions for novel engineering challenges that interact with cutting-edge superconducting quantum devices'.

Experience of embedded system design, PCB layout and design, schematic capture, digital and analog circuit design and board bring up, test and debug are all needed.

For more info on the job, click here.

Earth Observation Engineer - GMV, Didcot (salary not specified)

We've saved the most interesting for last here. Perhaps not one for most IT-trained and experienced folk, but a fascinating technology-based role nonetheless. Based on Harwell Innovation Centre, GMV are looking to hire an 'Earth Observation Engineer'. Now, if you're wondering if that means staring at soil all day, you're probably not the kind of person GMV are looking for.

'GMV are looking for an Earth Observation Engineer who will work within the wider Earth Observation and Geospatial Analytics division group in GMV’s Space sector. This role will focus on working with vast EO datasets such as data acquired from the ESA Copernicus program, and developing algorithms to help insight into them. In this role you will utilise and develop skills in machine learning and deep learning techniques in order to interpret satellite data sources. As well as develop applications to process large quantities of remote sensing data and extract meaningful statistics from within.'

If that made sense to you then you probably are the kind of person GMV are looking for.

For more info on the job, click here.

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