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Hampshire: PSP transports duo of 240 tonne ferries from Far to Middle East

By Dan Teuton
20 October 2015

Worldwide logistics company PSP has proven its strength within the commercial marine sector, moving two more workboats across the globe this week.

PSP loaded two 45m Sea Cat ferries onto SAL Heavy Lift’s vessel Grietje in the Philippines. The 240-tonne boats, worth $15 million each, were manufactured in the Philippines and shipped to Abu Dhabi.

Managing director Frank Dixie said: “The commercial marine industry constantly grows and, in turn, demand for our logistics service increases. Our strategic decision to specialise in heavy lift some years ago has allowed us to be at the forefront of this work, acting as an important part of the global marine industry supply chain.”

Among the commercial boats PSP has transported this year is Njord Offshore’s world-first multi purpose vessel built in Singapore by Strategic Marine. PSP was appointed to transport the vessel from Singapore to Rotterdam, where Njord Offshore will use it as a wind farm vessel.

PSP has also transported Alamarin Jet’s demonstration vessel HTech A25 Cabin across Europe for a busy season of marine exhibitions. Among the destinations PSP has shipped the 8.5m aluminium vessel to and from are Finland, Spain and Portugal.

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