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Kate Turner to lead free webinar about leadership development

By TBM Team
10 June 2021

Motivational expert Kate Turner is to be a keynote speaker and lead a free personal development webinar about leadership development next month.

Kate Turner to lead free webinar about leadership development

Motivational expert Kate Turner is to lead a free webinar staged by Hampshire accountancy firm HWB next month

Staged by Hampshire accountancy firm HWB, the hour-long online event, CREATE Motivation – Unlock the Leader Within, on Wednesday, 14 July is aimed at business leaders and decision-makers as the world of commerce looks to recovery.

Leadership development coach Turner will examine methods of motivation for senior executives and their teams as business emerges from Covid-19 lockdowns. She will discuss helping to build self-esteem and expand comfort zones which may have changed or shrunk in the past year.

Salisbury-based Turner, founding director of Motivational Leadership, is an experienced leadership development coach and trainer who has designed and delivered programmes to senior executives across a range of sectors.

HWB director Michaela Johns said: “In this session, Kate will help us explore the link that confidence, self-esteem and motivation have with performance. She will challenge our perceptions and question what people leaders can do to help individuals truly stand strong and overcome self-doubt.

“As we turn our minds to recovery how can we help individuals look after their own wellbeing needs and support those of others? How can we increase the levels of motivation and engagement in teams and help individuals cope with future uncertainties?

“We are staging this webinar as part of our support for businesses and are delighted to have one of the UK’s leading experts in motivation on board.”

Turner is a specialist in helping businesses deliver on purpose and profit by increasing people engagement, team performance and the changing nature of work. She is also a published author and a leading UK expert in Motivational Maps®, the online self-perception inventory.

Turner works with talented senior leaders and business owners who seek to increase their team’s performance and deliver sustainable and authentic growth. Through her 20-plus years of experience, she knows that key to that growth is helping individuals understand what is happening on the inside – their mindset, motivations and beliefs.

As the author of the CREATE Motivation™ methodology, Turner inspires individuals to step up into their own leadership by gaining clarity around the impact and results they wish to achieve.

She said: “I believe that enabling people to gain a better understanding of what drives them allows them to take responsibility for, and ultimately increase, their own level of motivation, engagement and performance.

“By aligning this awareness to the opportunities available ensures that peoples’ skills remain relevant throughout their career. When you get motivation right, you also drive-up well-being, happiness, and positively impact the human experience.

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