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Laithwaites launches UK's first fully recycled wine bottle

By Stephen Emerson
26 January 2022

Wine specialist Laithwaites has launched the UK’s first 100% recycled glass wine bottle after pledging to halve its carbon footprint by 2030.

Transport and glass packaging account for 68% of the Theale firm's carbon footprint set against grape growing and winemaking which are responsible for 15% and 17%.

Laithwaites has committed to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, with the shorter-term goal of halving its carbon footprint by 2030.

The bottling, called W/O Frappato, has been made in partnership with Dino Tashcetti at his co-operative winery with the W/O standing with 'Without' to underline the point that no new additional raw materials have been used in its production.

The design of the recycled wine bottle also takes sustainability into account. No foil or plastic capsule has been used in the bottle’s design, meaning the cork closure remains visible. The bottle also comes with a fully biodegradable label.

Michael Johnson, innovation director at Laithwaites, said: “Customers still want the bottle of wine they know and love, so while we will of course continue to look at alternative packaging, we wanted to find a traditional format that reduces our impact on the environment."

Recycled glass decreases the amount of raw materials used while also reducing water pollution as fewer materials need to be extracted.

Laithwaites has increased its sustainability activity in recent years by eliminating landfill from its Gloucester distribution centre through a closed-loop recycling system and also investing in forestry programmes to offset every customer home delivery.

The Berkshire firm's sustainability strategy includes increasing UK bottling, overhauling bottle weights, encouraging customer uptake of alternative formats and converting to green energy within four years.