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Now might be a great time to buy a business - TWP

By TBM Team
21 October 2021

Despite the difficulties that some businesses have faced during recent months, Surrey accountants TWP think that fast-growing companies may benefit from acquiring businesses.

While it is true that some businesses have suffered from the economic uncertainty of the last year and a half, many others have experienced unexpected periods of profit and growth.

“There are lots of businesses out there who are keen to grow and expand their operations,” said Paul Hawksley (pictured), Managing Partner at TWP. “However, this involves costs like hiring new staff, purchasing new equipment or buying additional premises.

“It is often far cheaper and quicker to acquire these assets, plus the skills of an experienced team, through the acquisition of another business.”

“Fast-growing businesses should explore the options available to them to buy an existing business, which could change their fortunes almost overnight.”

TWP said that owners looking to acquire a new business should conduct careful financial and legal due diligence on the business they intend to buy to ensure they aren’t putting their own company at risk.