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Oxford BioDynamics smart cancer test to launch in US

By Stephen Emerson
25 February 2022

An Oxford biotech company, Oxford BioDynamics, whose product detects how well a patient's cancer treatment is performing has launched in the United States.

EpiSwitch® CiRT is a precision medicine test that predicts cancer patient's response to an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor (ICI).

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Many patients are considered for ICI immunotherapy, an alternative approach to chemotherapy or radiation, that works with a patient's immune system to fight cancer.

However, typically less than 1 in 3 patients receiving ICIs shows any benefit therefore the test will play a key role in determining if a patient should continue with treatment.

Oxford BioDynamics today announced that EpiSwitch® CiRT had achieved successful clinical validation and would launch in America.

Dr Jon Burrows, CEO of Oxford BioDynamics, said: "Oxford Biodynamics Checkpoint Inhibitor Response Test (EpiSwitch® CiRT ) is a very important step forward for precision medicine. EpiSwitch® CiRT directly links clinical outcome to gene regulation and with high accuracy predicts patient response. Since one in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, it is essential to develop smart testing that can rapidly predict treatment response and guide us to the most efficacious therapies and maximize benefits for patients.

"In terms of the healthcare economics, ICIs alone cost the US healthcare system $17B annually.  The ability to stratify patients based on their likelihood of response will enable the system to better manage these costs while allowing us to deliver smarter, better care to patients."

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