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South: February 3 – Last chance to support airport expansion

By Dan Teuton
21 January 2015

Do you see Heathrow Airport as important to your business? Or essential for companies operating out of the Thames Valley? Or crucial as an airport hub for the economic and global future of our nation?

If so, you have until February 3 to make your views known to the Airports Commission, led by Sir Howard Davies, through the current national consultation process.

The Airports Commission is assessing three options for the development of a new major runway in the South East:
• Heathrow north-west runway
• Heathrow extended northern runway
• Gatwick second runway

The Commission’s decision is anticipated after the General Election in May.

Campaigners for the Heathrow north-west runway last week addressed more than 100 Thames Valley business leaders at Green Park in Reading, urging them to make their views known to the Commission before February 3. They even provided a pro-forma letter (click here) for their supporters to highlight Heathrow’s long-haul, freight and connectivity advantages to Sir Howard’s assessment team.

As Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye told those attending: “Heathrow is Britain’s gateway to the world, but the world is changing.  With new emerging economies and global markets, we need to be better connected.”

If the UK doesn’t capture this opportunity for future economic growth, then other nations will, he warned. “We need to make the right choice now in our generation, to make the right future for upcoming generations.”


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