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Southampton: Fresh Produce Terminal to benefit from £8.3m upgrade

By Dan Teuton
29 August 2016

ABP Southampton has announced an £8.3 million upgrade for specialist facilities at its Fresh Produce Terminal which will allow it to undertake a much faster and more energy-efficient cargo-handling operation.

The port will install two top-of-the-range mobile cranes and totally refurbish its cool store and chilled-produce processing area. Work will start in the next couple of months with most of the refrigerated areas set to be completed by the end of October and the remaining work by February 2017.

Terex Port Solutions will supply the new cargo-handling cranes. Diesel-electric equipment will replace four older cranes on the quayside, and will be available for critical-project cargoes such as turbine components and yachts.

The refurbishment contract has been awarded to Hampshire-based Brymor Construction. The work will involve updating the warehouse to provide a range of temperatures and improve lighting, hygiene and welfare facilities.

Alastair Welch, port director, said: "This latest £8.3m development will greatly enhance our customer offer."

Stuart Cullen, owner and CEO of Solent Stevedores which operates the port, said: "This is another example of Solent Stevedores working in harmony with ABP to improve port facilities in Southampton. As a consequence of our joint enterprise, £15m has been invested over the past 10 years to improve port infrastructure.

"This continuing investment has not only contributed towards significant additional tonnage being handled in the Port of Southampton, but has resulted in a 500% increase in the number of full time staff employed by Solent Stevedores."

Barry Tull, Brymor operations director, said: "This exciting project is challenging, both in programme and technically, but it is one we are looking forward to carrying out.”

The terminal was originally developed for the handling of tomatoes imported from the Canary Islands between October and April. Refurbishments will expand the cool store’s temperature range and chilled-storage capacity, and will allow the port to handle more cooled fruit as well as other temperature-controlled, high-value products.