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Why collaboration is key for the South Coast tech ecosystem

By Laurence Mcclenaghan
21 April 2022

Business Innovation South have praised the synergy between their own support of southern STEM companies and that of the Business Magazine's South Coast Tech Awards.

Business Innovation South's sponsorship of the Innovative Tech Company Award at the South Coast Tech Awards - is another of their many support pillars to the regions business community.

Lara Bull Director of the Business Innovation South expo explained: "A key part of the expo vision is to shine a light on southern based STEM and innovation companies and to help support the regions' connected, collaborative business community.

"The synergy between this award category and the expo is a perfect match and one we couldn't miss.

"The BIS Expo helps businesses to showcase themselves and hopefully our sponsorship will help to raise awareness of the expo to both potential exhibitors and visitors further across the south in turn building on its strength and benefitting everyone involved."

When asked to summarize the current state of tech sector in the southern region, Ms. Bull replied: "The past two years have been incredibly challenging for a vast number of businesses. As we started to ease out of lockdowns back in 2021, I was struck by the sheer number of conversations I had where businesses in the tech sector said they had experienced record years. It was incredibly uplifting and for Business Innovation South it was a positive affirmation that there definitely is a need for a dedicated STEM and innovation expo for the south. Last year we grew to 70 exhibitors and this year we have the potential to build to 90 or more."

It is however an exciting time to be involved in the sector, stated the Business Innovation South Director: "As businesses we face many challenges but challenge provides opportunity. Opportunities for innovation and tech/product development, for streamlining, regeneration, increased sustainability and for city, county and regional collaboration. STEM is at the heart of many opportunities that will continue to drive the successful growth of businesses in the south."

That growth she continued will be fuelled by: "A concerted push towards promoting the many avenues into successful careers in this sector, college, apprenticeships etc and a real sense that the next generation are tuned into and excited about the opportunities that abound.

"With staff development high on the agenda and technology moving at such a high pace many of us can only begin to imagine how we will be living and working in ten years."

Lara Bull is director of the Businesss Innovation South for more information visit here

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