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Wokingham: Move into metal recycling boosts group's waste offering

By Dan Teuton
1 March 2017

Hampshire-based demolition and waste management company R Collard has announced it will be opening a metal recycling facility in Wokingham. This will complement its existing waste recycling operation and expand the recycling capabilities of R Collard. Already leading the field in the recycling of construction and civil engineering throughout the South of England, the new facilities bring the processing of metal waste in-house giving the company greater control of the process.

The facility, located in Toutley Road, Wokingham, gives R Collard the capacity to recycle metal from its own in-house demolition projects, from the wastes tipped at their five Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) and their skip-hire customers.  The company will now be able to manage the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including all types of aluminium and copper with equipment including a metals shredder and a baler for compressing materials ready for re-processing into new metals. Its location in Berkshire makes an ideal geographical fit with R Collard’s five licensed transfer stations in Eversley, Aldershot, Bramshill, Reading and Farnham.

"It is our first step into the world of metal recycling," says Robert Collard, founder and managing director of R Collard. “It is a fantastic opportunity which complements the waste infrastructure and demolition requirements for the R Collard Group."

R Collard’s recent investment and growth by acquisition is making the company, which celebrated its 21st Anniversary in 2016, one of the South’s leading construction waste operators. Its integrated materials recycling resources including a purpose-built wash plant for processing inert wastes into high-grade recycled aggregates places the company at the centre of the circular economy of the South of England. In 2016 the company handled over 365K tonnes of wastes of which over 97.5% were either recycled or processed for energy recovery.

Metals recycling is an established industry that makes a significant reduction in use of energy and virgin resources. Virtually all metals can be recycled into high quality new metal, generally to metals of equivalent quality. This added capability suits the long-term commitment of the company to the sustainable concept of closed-loop recycling and its ambition to be a major waste recycling business for southern England.