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In a social care revolution Peak15 aims for new heights

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Surrey-based Peak15 is at the forefront of a revolution – one which is delivering real change in the opportunities available for adults with learning disabilities to live their lives as they choose.

In a social care revolution Peak15 aims for new heights
David Holmes, Owner and Chairman,

Having rebranded from Ashcroft Care Services in November 2020, its new name borrows from the fact that Mount Everest was initially known as Peak15 and reflects the fact that ‘everyone has their own mountain to climb’.

The organisation is proud to be seen as innovators in social care and, put simply, it believes in giving everyone the opportunity to live a life unlimited.

Owning a portfolio of more than 20 properties across Surrey and Sussex, Peak15 offers a variety of living options for more than 200 adults, providing high-quality, person-led care to enable them to live as independently as possible.

The organisation’s vision goes far beyond that however, as owner and chairman David Holmes explains:  “We believe that outstanding social care should be a given in terms of the fundamental standards: people should be safe; treated with dignity; safeguarded against neglect and have a high standard of living. But the Peak15 ethos is to go far beyond that – we want to be innovators, instigators and agitators. We want to enable people to live rich lives of real purpose.

“We have an amazing team of people who work with us and share our values from the top down, embracing the creativity that makes us different.”

To help realise those goals, the Peak15 team has developed The Big Life Adventure (BLA) – best described as a ‘philosophy’; a way of thinking about life that is incorporated within a planning and design framework. It is designed to revolutionise the way people with learning disabilities think about their lives.

Holmes continues: “We should be moving far away from the ‘tick box’ nature of support work and instead encourage people to really think about their own lives and what they do want to do. There is still a significant gap between what people with learning disabilities and other citizens can achieve and we want to close that gap.  The BLA project will enable us to offer up a complete change of mindset.

“Through their very own Big Life Adventure, the individuals we support will have the opportunity to plan their own roadmap of adventures, to talk about their hopes and aspirations for the future and look at a life with no limits. That might mean travelling at home or overseas, becoming a business owner, pursuing a career, enjoying new relationships or joining in social activities that many of us take for granted.”

Set up as a social enterprise and part of the Peak15 Group, the BLA will use specialist technology to help plan and record individuals’ journeys, as well as giving them the chance to share their thoughts on a secure social media platform.  It will support personal development in ways that might have never been considered before and will ultimately transform lives.

Underpinning Peak15’s commitment and drive is Barclays, which has built up a strong relationship after working with the organisation for over a decade. As well as day-to-day banking facilities, Barclays has provided support for various projects, including the purchase of the Echo Care Group three years ago and investment in a number of new properties to provide additional supported living accommodation.

Led by relationship director Steve Goss, the Barclays team has also supported David Holmes in his role as chair of the Surrey Care Association by hosting events and meetings.

Holmes believes that the support from Barclays has been invaluable, saying:  “We have worked with Steve and the team for 10 years and they have always taken the time to get to know us as an organisation and individuals to ensure we meet our business goals.

“We are excited for the future – we are only at the start of our mission to provide truly inspirational social care to adults with learning disabilities throughout the South East. The journey to independence never ends.”

Steve Goss Relationship director 07775 545686 [email protected]

Niki Wakelin Marketing and comms manager Peak15 01293 826200 [email protected]

Alexis Ali, MD, Big Life Adventure 01293 826200 [email protected]

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