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Why storytelling is key for tech companies pitching for investment

By Stephen Emerson
21 June 2022

Storytelling should be at the heart of tech companies and can put a rocket under enterprises looking to raise investment.

That is the view of Gresham House Ventures investment director Joe Krancki who says that having a clear narrative about where your firm came from and where it is going is key to gaining support from the investment community.

This should be combined with thorough research to ensure that you are speaking to the right investors.

Gresham House Ventures has a portfolio of over 80 companies across a wide range of industries - from e-commerce to sustainable tech - and has made over 200 investments in companies through private equity to date.

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It sits as part of Gresham House with a focus on funding companies for growth and has over 20 investment professionals supported by a further 20 staff.

Joe said: "When you are building a product or service for customers, target the investors that fit the stage that your business is at so you don't end up wasting your time speaking to the wrong investor.

"When you do get in front of the right investor you have to be good at storytelling and this is far more than just pitching with a deck.

"You need to know what your story is and get really good at telling that story so that people become engaged with what you are doing."

With an investment partner secured, knowing when a tech company should scale is key for management as its timing will determine the future success of the enterprise.

Joe said: "Management teams have to know when to scale and really go for it.

"The need to retain, however, a clear focus on keeping the customer at the centre when they grow.

"Sometimes teams think they have created the best thing in the world and it might be amazing but if the customer doesn't value them then it doesn't matter."

The South Coast of England has top rated universities, good air links and is less than an hour from the international hub of London.

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These assets mean that it is well-positioned to plug into the global economy and this is something that Joe says is vital for tech companies looking to achieve next level growth.

He said: "If you are trying to be a tech company in the South, you need to have a global mindset as the world is a big place and you need to be looking at tackling a global market.

"The South Coast tech sector has great talent working within it which serves it well as the industry can move at the speed of light."

Tech companies are very much at the vanguard of the sustainable economy and Joe says sustainability is a key focus for Gresham House Ventures when it comes to making investment decisions.

He said: "I get up every day and enjoy working with ambitious management teams that want to build something that will improve society and create more sustainable communities.

"Our experience is strong - we have a 20-year history of investing in high growth businesses and an extensive network and investment teams to support that."

Gresham House Ventures are sponsors of the Emerging Tech Company of the Year category at The Business Magazine's South Coast Tech Awards.

Secure communications specialist Beyond Encryption, radiation monitoring experts Innovative Physics and digital health technology firm Xim have all been nominated, with the winner announced at the awards at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton on 23 June .

One of these companies will have another chapter to add to their story after this week’s event.