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8 developments changing Southampton's skyline

By Steve Charnock
22 June 2022

Southampton is changing. The Hampshire city is receiving hundreds of millions of pounds' worth of investment, with multiple ambitious and skyline-altering building projects currently underway.

These high-end developments are transforming the place, creating improved living quarters and working options. As well as revitalising the leisure and entertainment scene. The work should see Southampton elevate to becoming one of the most vibrant cities in the south, a new hub for business and a destination in itself.

Here are eight of the most noteworthy building projects that are about to change the Southampton cityscape...

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1. Centenary Quay

Under construction on the site of the former Vosper Thorneycroft shipyard, this £500m project is a giant undertaking. By the time the build is complete, Southampton will have a brand new complex of residential homes, shops and restaurants. Plus a new supermarket and gym.

Some 1,620 homes will be created by developers Crest Nicholson Regeneration, along with almost 15,000 square metres of commercial space. Phases 1 and 2 are now complete, with the rest of the work being busily carried out as you read this.

2. Chapel Riverside

Developers Inland Homes are investing more than £100m into this 9 acre site which will see just shy of 500 new homes built exclusively for those working in the marine sector. The waterfront locale will also see 950 sq. m. of retail space and 5,000 sq. m. of commercial units for marine-based companies.

Chapel Riverside's mixed use site is being built on the western bank of the River Itchen, which is north of the Itchen Bridge. Expect shops, cafes, bars and restaurants to pop up, along with a new square.

3. Bargate Quarter

Following Southampton City Council’s Planning & Rights of Way Panel's unanimous decision to grant permission for the scheme last year, construction on the new Bargate Quarter is now well underway.

Bargate and the City Walls will see significant improvement, with over 2,500 sq. m. of commercial space and 519 new homes created. The residences will include a mixture of apartments (studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms).

4. Townhill Park

Southampton City Council are building a swathe of new homes as part of the Townhill Park Regeneration project, with the ultimate goal to be to build 665 new homes for residents of the city.

The first phase will be the building of 56 affordable homes, at a cost of some £10m. They're set to include 17 one bedroom flats, 26 two bedroom flats, seven three bedroom flats and six three-bedroom houses. All to be owned by Southampton City Council and made available for rent at affordable rents.

Phase two will see more than 200 homes built, with half being set aside for affordable housing as well. The rest will be let to private renters.

5. South Central

John Lewis are to move into a giant 46,000 sq. m. delivery hub adjacent to junction 1 of the M27 near Southampton Port. The huge unit is currently being constructed along with two other units, both of which are still available at the site on Test Lane in Nursling. In total, the site is set on some 16+ acres of land.

The high-specification Grade A development has been built on a budget of £30m, with each unit having planning permission for class B8 status, making them suitable for storage and distribution use. Unit 2 also has class B1(c) status, meaning it's suitable for light industrial use.

6. Meridian Riverside

350 new homes are being built by Inland Homes at the Itchen Riverside. The development is set to be called Meridian Waterside and will feature shops and a new park. The budget was initially set at £40m.

Access to a new riverside walk will also be created where the old Meridian TV studios complex was.

7. Lower East Street

Southampton city centre's Lower East Street is getting a raft of new homes. The site of the former TunedIn shop and the premises adjacent to it, opposite Debenhams, is to have 132 one and two bed flats built at a cost of £27m. A small amount of commercial space is also being created. National Regional Property Group is in charge of the regen project.

Grainger Plc, who are one of Britain's biggest professional landlords, will take ownership of the building once it’s finished and be responsible for letting and managing all 132 apartments. It'll be Southampton’s second build-to-rent scheme.

8. Nelson Gate

FI Real Estate Management have been put in charge of turning Nelson Gate into something special. It's currently three separate office blocks - Grenville House, Norwich House and Frobisher House. Once revitalised, it will be a snazzy new multi-storey building accommodating residential apartments and a hotel. They will be a range of apartments, restaurants, retail units and office accommodation. All opposite Southampton train station.

The plan is for 344 residential units to be built, with a 144 bed hotel (complete with restaurant/bistro/bar, gym/spa and conference facilities on the site too. 4,000 sq. m. of office accommodation and just under 1,000 sq. m. of general commercial space will also be available.

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