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HS2 uncovers UK's largest Anglo Saxon burial ground in Buckinghamshire

By Steve Charnock
17 June 2022

A huge Anglo-Saxon burial site has been uncovered by archaeologists working for HS2 Ltd. The site, at Wendover in Buckinghamshire, contains almost 140 graves. Making it the biggest Anglo-Saxon burial site ever found in Britain.

As well as the plethora of skeletons, other items from the 5th and 6th century were found at the site, including nearly 100 brooches, over 2,000 amber beads, 50+ knives, 40 buckles, 15 spearheads, and a range of other metals and artefacts.

The dig was led by a team of some 30 field archaeologists from INFRA JV, who were working on behalf of HS2. Previously, Fusion JV, another firm who carried out field work at the site last year, also found evidence of Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman activity.

The lead archaeologist for HS2 is Mike Court. He said this about the find: "As we near the end of our archaeology field work on Phase One of HS2, we are just at the beginning of our understanding of how the discoveries will improve our historical knowledge of Britain. The archaeological finds made at this site in Wendover will not only be of interest to the local community but are of national importance, providing a valuable insight into life in Anglo-Saxon Britain."

Fusion JV's lead archaeologist, Dr Rachel Wood, added: "The significance of this site for our historical and archaeological understanding of Anglo-Saxon Britain is huge. It is not a site I would ever have anticipated finding – to have found one of these burials would have been astonishing, so to have found so many is quite unbelievable."

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