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Investing in technology to gain the competitive edge

By Jo Whittle
6 July 2018

Many have debated the competitive edge gained by investing in technology within the supply chain industry. Import Services believes there is no such debate; continual investment in IT systems and emerging technologies has allowed it to provide the information its clients need and this will also serve the company well in a post-Brexit era.

Import Services has provided retail logistics for over 30 years, during which time it has established a trusted port-centric warehousing and distribution company in Southampton. 

Its clients import products manufactured principally in the Far East, to supply major, multiple and independent retailers or direct to consumer, across the UK, continental Europe and further afield.

The Import Services port-centric model is in sync with the evolving world of supply chain retail logistics. It enables swift processing of orders and distribution to market. 

To help contain the pressure on supply chains; as a logistics partner Import Services must be capable of flexibility and managing multiple routes to market efficiently.

Technology plays a vital role in facilitating this with the speed and nature of information flow between its clients, their customers, suppliers and Import Services’ warehouse teams.

It has recognised this demand by providing exactly what its clients require, 24/7 via Import Services’ web-enabled portal, whether at home, on the move, or in the office.

The investment in technology and specifically the IT system TRAC, is driven by knowledge of retail logistics and foresight in an industry which is evolving at a fast pace. 

It works in partnership with its clients, which in turn fosters long-term relationships, where sector intel helps it to shape where it sees supply chain technology adding value in the future. 

All vested parties are seeking to reduce time and cost in their supply chains and technology is at the centre of this drive.

The Amazon effect epitomises a dynamic pattern of consumer demand, which is pushing supply chains to cope with increases in order frequency, with less volume per order, delivered swiftly on an ‘as required’ basis. 

Close account management supported by a technological edge, is therefore key to enabling timely decision making by its clients. Import Services’ TRAC system provides the tools to make smart decisions and control business flow.

A ‘one team’ approach also creates collaboration, which assists this process in delivering desired results. 

Improving process and information flow via ongoing investment in technology, is therefore essential. 

Aligned to the time and cost savings, technology drives real-time visibility for its clients along their supply chains and competing successfully in this new world of retailing.

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