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Merger and acquisition-focused insurance cover now on offer in Thames Valley

By Dan Teuton
27 June 2019

Thames Valley businesses engaging in mergers and acquisition activities can now benefit from insurance protection previously felt to be solely available from big London firms.

Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance is on offer from specialists, Janus Corporate Risk Advisors, for organisations buying or selling a business and wishing to remove elements of risk from the transaction.

In a world of financial uncertainty and fraudulence, W&I insurance is gaining in popularity. Either buyers or sellers of a business can utilise it, to protect against financial losses should a warranty – a statement of fact about the business being sold – prove false or financially ruinous, at some point in time in the future, typically up to seven years post-sale. 

Janus CRA can tailor a policy specifically for an individual business’s sale, for either buyer or seller. With such insurance, a buyer can lower the risk attached to their purchase, knowing they can claim against an A-rated insurer rather than seek compensation from a seller

(or management warrantors who remained with the business) who may not have the funds to pay. From the seller’s point of view, it is often comforting to be supported by a large financial institution when dealing with a complex claim. 

A W&I policy also delivers competitive advantage to those bidding for a business at auction, demonstrating deal-readiness and helping the seller reduce their risk. Similarly, it can enhance attractiveness for lenders as they can be the beneficiary of the proceeds of claims pursued.

For sellers, a W&I policy provides peace of mind. They can use sale proceeds immediately and not worry about the possibility of one day having to repay sums raised by the business sale, for what could be an innocent mistake.  Shareholders can receive an immediate payout and W&I insurance could maximise the business’s sale value, by reducing buyer risk.

Losses resulting from a breach of warranty can be substantial. Protect yourself – or a client for whom you act as a solicitor or accountant – by talking to Janus and getting W&I cover in place. 

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