Hampshire: International expansion for med-tech business 270 Vision

Following exceptional growth, medical and healthcare business 270 Vision has announced ambitious expansion plans, as it seeks to raise investment to support its growth and the deployment of two new products.

BPMpro sensor on strap

The Hampshire-based med-tech business has gone from strength to strength with BPMpathway, a product that uniquely offers cost-effective, reliable and patented award-winning technology in support of remote patient assessment undertaken by clinicians. The business now aims to utilise its technology to diversify into new markets in an investment raise through the Elevate investment network.

Founded in 2011, 270 Vision is a developer of simple-to-use, highly accurate body analysis technology for use in injury prevention and rehabilitation in the medical, employee welfare and elite sports sectors. With six patents granted and two further applications pending, multi-award-winning 270 Vision is internationally renowned as the market leader in motion sensor design and development.

In 2016, recognising the potential of BPMpathway, international healthcare giants B Braun first invested into 270 Vision as part of a strategy to secure access to key future technology and to take the product into patient rehabilitation post orthopaedic surgery under a global distribution agreement. In 2018, B Braun further increased its stake in the company to support the world-wide rollout of BPMpathway which, through the partnership, has gone on to be certified in 14 countries. Of those 14 countries, it has already been successfully launched into 7, including China and India, and it is expected to be launched into Japan and South Korea later in 2021.


Speaking on its plans, CEO and co-founder Martin Gossling said: “Our journey to date has been fantastic, and we have been extremely proud to have been recognised with a National MediLink Outstanding Achievement Award, as well as securing the partnership with B Braun, without whom the scale of the expansion to date would not have been possible.”

The business has become well renowned; in addition to the MediLink Award, the business has won several further accolades including the Best Digital Health Platform award for BPMpathway at the 2018 Juniper Research Future Digital Awards.

Having successfully raised £2.9 million in investment to date, the business is now seeking to raise further investment through the Elevate investment network, to aid their growth plans and support the launch of new products including WPMpro and BPMcare.

Speaking on the new products, CFO and co-founder Jane Gossling said: “WPMpro is a cost-effective system at the forefront of the next generation of wearable sensor technology with multiple, smart, autonomous sensors detecting excessive joint range of motion designed to help employers identify individuals at risk of injury and, through pro-active early intervention, limit the cost and disruption caused by work-related musculoskeletal disorders.”

Gossling added: “WPMpro technology is a game-changer in the world of wearables. For the first time, far-field charging of the multiple sensors can be delivered in a production solution. There is currently no commercially available solution capable of producing a complete body assessment as manually charging even 2-3 sensors has been deemed impractical. With WPMpro, however, as many as 20 sensors can be distributed throughout a person’s clothing without the wearer being aware of them. These sensors are then charged overnight as they hang in the individual’s locker using patent-pending RF transmitters at regulated frequencies developed by 270 Vision.”

In addition to smart clothing, 270 Vision is also looking to develop its BPMcare technology.

Gossling explained: “BPMcare uses technology complementary to BPMpathway in the remote monitoring of bio-signs and urinary issues in patients in long-term care, particularly those with comorbidities and catheter users. BPMcare technology is designed to detect blood and dehydration to help reduce the risk of infection and further complications.”

Information related to 270 Vision’s investment raise can be found on the digitised investment platform, the Elevate investment network.