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Conveyancing Data Services reaches a 14.7% turnover in 2021

By Sara Klusch
15 July 2021

Conveyancing Data Services was listed at number 18 on The Business Magazine’s annual Thames Valley SME 100 Growth index a list that highlights the region’s high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises. The Reading-based company reached a 14.7% turnover and 56.4% overall growth through its experience in providing conveyancing information to the legal sector.

We asked Matthew Joy, the co-owner of Conveyancing Data Services, about his toughest challenges in 2021 as well as his biggest wins and wildest ambitions for the upcoming year.

What were your three toughest challenges over the past year?

Matthew Joy: The timing of decisions, which should not be confused with actually making decisions (running a business is just a series of decisions that need to be made anyway). Throughout the past year, no one really knew what the outcome of the pandemic was going to be and the situation was so fluid that it really made it difficult to know when to make certain decisions. The timing of these decisions was critical to keeping customers and staff happy in equal measure.

Your biggest win?

Matthew Joy: The biggest win for me was just managing to keep hold of 99% of our staff through the past year, keeping them employed and supporting them individually throughout the past 12 months.

Your three wildest ambitions for the coming year?

Matthew Joy: My wildest ambitions for the coming year are really just to get my business back under control again, truly under control. The pandemic has created a white water ride of an economy that has meant that all we are really doing is steering our dinghy down through the rapids, but the river is controlling the speed at which we travel. I need to regain control of direction and speed of travel in order to be able to manage the company.

Conveyancing Data Services is a Conveyancing Search Provider which has been created to supply all the necessary information required for a property transaction in a way that suits you and how you choose to work. We have devised a system that will save you time, money and aggravation. Our sole aim is to make the task of ordering products easier than ever before.

The 2021 edition of the list is sponsored by law firm Herrington Carmichael, commercial property consultants Hicks Baker and corporate finance advisers Wilson Partners.

Supporting partners are Laithwaites and Lamborghini.

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