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Basingstoke: Most companies to offer permanent WFH

By Dan Teuton
8 October 2020

More than six out of 10 businesses are likely to have some or all staff working from home permanently in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, research by Basingstoke-based people specialists Reality HR has shown.

As part of a snapshot survey into post-lockdown working practices, the HR consultancy asked businesses “How likely are you to have some or all staff working from home permanently, or most of the time?

A total of 66% of businesses said that this change was “certain”, “very likely” or quite likely.

The results to this and a range of questions about post-lockdown working life are published in a free-to-download Reality HR: REBALANCE report, aimed at helping employers navigate changed working practices as they seek to thrive in the months and years to come.

Sally-Ann Hall-Jones, CEO of Reality HR, says the research shows that employers need to take steps now to ensure their businesses are equipped for change in the long term.

“As we move into a difficult winter, and restrictions begin to tighten again, it’s clear that Covid-19 is going to be with us for a long while yet,” she says. “This is no longer about making short term changes to get through it.

“Businesses are now in a period where they must consider the difficult decisions and longer-term measures that will put their business on a more stable footing for the months and years to come.”

Hall-Jones added: “It’s simply not true that we are seeing the end of office life, but there is a definite and probably permanent shift to a more flexible or blended approach to working. This brings opportunities for happier, more productive staff but also presents people management challenges – especially when it comes to communicating, motivating and getting the best out of your teams.

“As working practices change, businesses will need to adapt their approach to HR, understanding how the new situation affects their teams and the way they work together. Tools such as Insights Discovery, which gives managers and individuals a deep understanding of the qualities people have and the ways they interact, are very useful as we all adapt to changed circumstances.”

Reality HR, based in Basingstoke, is an established HR consultancy team of experienced specialists focused on delivering support and advice to organisations across the South to help them get the best out of their teams.

Its REBALANCE campaign provides resources for employers on a range of issues including the Job Support Scheme, remote working, redundancy, flexible working requests, performance monitoring and risk assessments. For more information and to download the free REBALANCE report, see

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