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Portsmouth: company removes 60 tonnes of furniture in ethical office clearance and donates proceeds to charity

By Karolina Skinner
12 August 2021

Portsmouth-based company Recycled Office Solutions removed over 60 tonnes of furniture during an ethical office clearance operation for facilities management business Interserve, to send UK unsaleable stock from a clearance to contacts in East Africa (Tanzania) and West Africa (Ghana).

Interserve required a large amount of office equipment to be removed. Instead of going into landfill here in the UK, 40ft shipping containers were packed full of the unsaleable stock and shipped out to Africa where partners are able to sell the stock easily. Items including desks, printers, chairs, kitchen appliances are highly sought after items in Africa.

Recycled Office Solutions split the proceeds of the sales 50/50 with its partners and then the full amount of its share is donated to Tinga Tinga village of Tanzania, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. There, funds have been used for building classrooms, a community centre, toilet facilities for the school children and even the teachers salary for a whole year.

The clearance was completed over five days and every item, from tables and chairs, to old computers, printers, office plants and crockery from the kitchens were packed directly into the shipping container ready for their onward journey to West Africa.

Demand for office clearance has been increasing due to liquidation, downsizing or restructuring, with larger numbers working remotely. In today's office environment, there is almost nothing which cannot be retained, reused or recycled, and environmentally friendly companies can avoid sending waste to landfill, reducing the production of toxic leachate, CO2 and greenhouse gasses.

About Recycled Office Solutions

Portsmouth-based Recycled Office Solutions is an office clearance company that is 100% committed to recycling. Where possible, the company repairs broken furniture and equipment so it can be recycled and resold.