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Reading: The benefits for KYMIRA of winning a top award

By Dan Teuton
21 May 2020

Having been a winner at the 2019 Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards, Tim Brownstone, founder and CEO of KYMIRA talks about the positive impact of securing a top award. 

KYMIRA manufactures different types of smart textiles. We are a life-conscious technology company that operates across the medical and sports industry with the fundamental aim of enhancing people’s lives through innovation.

By blending technology with biology in perfect harmony, we are able to release and enhance the limitless potential of human ability. Utilising our patented technology, our wearable products are a platform which reacts and interacts with the human body to convert heat into energy and information.

Tim Brownstone

What made you enter the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards last year?

We were thrilled to be nominated by someone. After receiving the email, we realised how special the award is as we were up against huge companies that we have admired for years.

What kind of recognition have you received since winning the award?

Over the past six months, we’ve formed partnerships with the likes of Barclays and we’ve also gone on to win two Innovate UK awards which have totalled £1 million in research grants. These awards are open to every business in the UK and it’s unheard of for a small company to achieve two back-to-back wins.

This success will enable us to continue in the development of a garment which will be able to diagnose a heart attack two days before it happens, as well as a wrap which can monitor the health of an unborn baby and reduce stillbirths by up to 58%. In doing so, our products will be able to cater to an individual throughout their entire life.

How has winning the award benefited your company?

To win the ‘Best use of Technology & Innovation’ category was a huge achievement. This was the first award that we’d won where we had been up against much larger companies, ones which we’ve aspired to for many years. Not only did this bring credibility and media attention to KYMIRA, but it was also a great boost for us. We were able to hold our heads high knowing that, as a startup, we can compete against much larger companies.

Is there any advice you would give to businesses wanting to enter the awards this year?

Just go for it! Especially now a lot of us have more time on our hands, it’s a better time than ever to write the award application.

I would also say to make sure to go into it with intention. Smaller companies can take lots of time entering awards and filling their trophy cabinet, but it has to mean something. If you start with intent and ask yourself ‘What do I want to win this for, and what will it mean for us?’ then it will put you in a much better place.

The Best use of Technology & Innovation category was sponsored by law firm GovGrant.

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