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Seven businesses in the South East fundraising right now

By Matthew Dunne-Miles
23 August 2021

The South East provides an array of opportunities for investment at all levels, due to the sheer diversity of businesses, success stories that have already made significant waves, and a constant stream of innovation and new start-ups which raise capital to get off the ground. Here are seven businesses in the South East that are currently seeking investment. 


Investment target: £1,500,000

Credit: BetterSpace

A company tapping into the employee mental health wellness space and offering something promising.

BetterSpace offers a personalised well-being programme for company employees, backed by the company's budget, which is based on preventative care and has already been used successfully by large companies such as law firm Linklaters.

The Oxford-based company is currently seeking an investment of £1,500,000 via Oxford Investment Opportunity Network.

Let’s Go See

Investment target: £500,000

EdTech continues to grow as a sector rife with invention and innovation.

Let’s Go See is the brainchild of pilot Rob Johnson, who created a children’s animated series following pilots Ollie and Polly teaching children about locations across the globe. 

As well as a series of videos, Let’s Go See also features an app with games, interactive features, and also an augmented reality element. 

Having previously raised £200,000 to date, Let’s Go See is currently seeking a further investment of £500,000 according to Angel Investment Network


Investment target: £275,000

Having moved to Kent from Zimbabwe, the team behind Machere knew they’d have to adapt their methods for this new climate – and decided on vertical farming techniques.

Machere focuses on supplying micro greens, using aeroponics, climate control, and LED lighting in order to grow fresh produce throughout the year. 

Their ‘daughter’ company, Ro-Gro, is focussed solely on fresh salads for retail, wholesale and catering – and are currently seeking investment of £275,000

After Cloud

Investment target: £250,000 

Credit: After Cloud

What happens to our digital selves after death remains an interesting but potentially underexplored sector of the technology industry.

After Cloud is the latest company looking to take on this space, offering people an app that they can record voice notes, upload photos, and provide links that act as a ‘digital memory legacy’ which then can be passed on to loved ones once they die.

The Oxford company is currently seeking £250,000 in investment

Tantalize Me 

Investment target: £200,000 

An industry which has boomed during lockdown, Tantalize Me is retailer specialising in adult toys and has carved out a niche with subscription boxes which are “handpicked by Industry experts”.

The St Albans company has been in business for 18 months and, according to Angel Investment Network, are currently seeking around £200,000 to push branding and awareness. 


Investment target: £500,000

A Univesity of Oxford spin-out, using body scanning technology via smartphones to completely map people's physical dimensions – which then can be used for trying on outfits virtually.

Aistetic is currently seeking £500,000 via Oxford Investment Opportunity Network to help them take on the retail industry.

Sell My Own Home

Investment target: £250,000

A company looking to disrupt the estate agent industry, Sell My Own is a property listing website that is allowing homeowners to put their homes on the market directly – while also adding it to the popular listings websites including Zoopla.

The Kent-based company is currently seeking £250,000 via Angel Investment Network.