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Special Feature: Business Parks/Commercial Property

By Dan Teuton
13 May 2020

It was back in the 1980s that the business park – a concept exported from the US – came to the UK. Large corporate companies moved out of town to office parks, usually close to motorways and with the significant benefit of space for on-site parking.

Since then, city and town centre locations have become more popular as companies aim to attract and retain a generation of employees who are drawn to ‘city life’.

However, business parks are showing that through innovation and a focus on work-life balance, they can be ‘back on trend’.

Business parks are modern working environments where the benefits of the outdoors can enhance innovative workplace cultures. As one of the major owners of business parks in the region, Frasers Property, puts it: “We deliver environments that strengthen the connection between people and the places they live, work and visit.”

Our feature highlights the success of the urban business park, Basing View, while in the accompanying Commercial Property feature, Reading-based property consultancy Vail Williams looks at the sector post-COVID. In a separate feature, law firm Blake Morgan discusses protection for commercial tenants on the high street.To participate in this feature contact:

Nathan Inns (Thames Valley) – [email protected] – 07825 604444
Alan Lindstrom (Solent) – [email protected] – 07305 582269[td_block_13 custom_title="Business Parks and Commercial Property" post_ids="228319,228332,228327" installed_post_types="Features" ajax_pagination="load_more" tdc_css=""]

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