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Special Feature: Focus on Portsmouth

By Dan Teuton
10 June 2020

Portsmouth is the south’s waterfront city - and renowned as the home of the Royal Navy. And now it is undergoing a major transformation with over £1 billion invested to reshape the city for the future.

With flagship economic opportunities throughout the city, Portsmouth is attracting inward investment and re-investment to grow and thrive. From Tipner to Dunsbury Park, new developments are creating an exciting new future for the city and surrounding areas.

Portsmouth is forecast to be the second-fastest growing city in terms of GVA by the end of 2020, according to a report published by the UK Powerhouse study.

The report says Portsmouth’s economy is on course to grow by 1.6% in 2020 – compared with an average of 0.9% in the 46 towns and cities covered.

It also notes how a recent report found that the port, which handles around £700 million of non-EU trade each year and supports 2,410 jobs in the local area through direct employment and supply chain impacts, is worth £390m to the national economy.

The July/August issue of The Business Magazine includes a special Focus on Portsmouth - Looking at how the city is changing shape, and improving its brand.

Portsmouth City Council recently worked with many other partners in the city to formulate a new Economic Development and Regeneration Strategy, which was adopted in October 2019. They are keen to encourage investment and support businesses in the city to continue to grow.

As a business serving Portsmouth and the wider community, this is a great opportunity for you to promote your company and its significance to the city.

Not only will your feature page appear in the digital edition of The Business Magazine, it will be published here and on social media. It will also be made available as source material for your website and e-shots.

This is an opportunity for a profile interview with your senior team, or a bylined article telling your story and highlighting the success of your business.

To participate in this feature contact:

Alan Lindstrom (Solent) – [email protected] – 07305 582269[td_block_13 custom_title="Focus on Portsmouth" post_ids="228536, 228595, 228704, 228828, 228836, 228840" installed_post_types="Features" limit="10" ajax_pagination="load_more" tdc_css=""]

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