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UKCloud sold to investor group

By Stephen Emerson
24 January 2022

A cloud computing firm which specialises in providing services to the public sector has been sold to an investment vehicle.

Farnborough-based UKCloud has been bought by Hadston 2 Limited, led by current chairman Jeff Thomas, for an unspecified sum subject to security clearance by the UK Government under the National Security Investment Act.

Hadston 2 Limited's investors also include BGF Group plc and Digital Alpha with the vehicle securing the organisation's three brands UKCloud (central and local government), UKCloud Health (central health bodies) and UKCloudX (Defence and National Security).

Jeff Thomas, Chairman, Hadston 2 Limited, said: “UKCloud has long been a market leader in the delivery of sovereign, secure cloud technologies to public sector organisations spanning government, health and defence – and today marks the beginning of a new, ambitious strategic vision.

"The funding provides a strong foundation on which to assemble a portfolio of innovative businesses promoting the ethical and sustainable use of data to drive positive change in our communities and economy.

"Organisations and governments increasingly share a belief in these crucial outcomes and I am deeply excited to unveil more information about our growth plans and new direction in the very near future.”

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