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Shoosmiths launches product to recover the cost of bad professional advice

By Karolina Skinner
21 October 2021

Businesses seeking professional advice expect it to be correct. When the advice given is wrong, the resulting financial fallout can be extremely serious. Most professionals carry insurance and can be held accountable in those circumstances, but the process of recovering the cost and expense of bad professional advice can be time consuming, expensive, and may not always be successful. 

That’s why the Shoosmiths negligence team across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland has launched a new product to help lenders target potential claims in negligence against professionals.

Shoosmiths Lender Review, developed and driven by partners Matthew Howarth (pictured), Andrew Foyle, and Gillian Crotty, helps clients claim for losses on secured lending – such as mortgage arrears on an inaccurately valued property or where the lender has not been properly advised by their solicitor. 

About Shoosmiths

The dispute resolution and litigation practice at Shoosmiths comprises more than 130 legal advisers working across all three UK jurisdictions. 

The law firm operates in 13 locations across the UK, and has 210 partners and 1400+ lawyers and business support employees.

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