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South: James Cowper Kreston’s joint managing partners take the helm

By Dan Teuton
1 May 2020

Further to the announcement in February, Alex Peal and Sue Staunton have on May 1 taken up their roles as joint managing partners.

“When we first discussed the role, never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be working in the way we are at the moment” said Alex Peal.

“Never has it been so crucial that we are able to have the time not only to look at the short term issues but also ensure we are looking forward at ways to innovate and increase efficiencies to both develop and grow our staff and maintain the highest level of support that our clients require. In this shared role we can ensure that between us, Sue and I will be able to devote the required time to ensure our business is fit for now and the future as we start to return to a more normal world.”

“Now more than ever we are living in a fast-paced, ever-changing and uncertain world and we need to ensure that we are responsive to our clients’ and of course our own needs,” continued Sue Staunton.

“Alex and I share a common vision which ensures a collaborative approach to decision making with our fellow partners but have a different, but complementary skillset which combined will ensure that we are able to take our firm, staff and clients through these difficult times and that we will be in the strongest position possible for when some sort of ‘normality’ resumes.

“We would both like to thank Robert for leading us through a time of unparalleled growth for the firm and it is a real shame that his tenure as managing partner has to end at a time where we cannot show our appreciation to him and his work over the past six years as a whole firm. He is remaining as a full-time partner so we will just have to put the champagne on ice for a few months.”

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