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Amiri Construction sponsor South Coast Property Awards

By Laurence Mcclenaghan
28 June 2022

The Business Magazine South Coast Property Awards will be held on September 29. The celebration of our sense of pride and excellence in the built environment is one shared by headline sponsor Amiri Construction. The firm also sponsor the Workplace Environment Award for which nominations are now being accepted.

The Work Place Environment of the Year Award recognises those organisations who use their property strategy to create quality working styles, increase productivity, innovative working environments and give rise to open, inclusive work cultures.

If this is you? Why not nominate now, the application is free and only takes a few moments to complete.

The great and the good of the South Coast Property sector will gather at the Hilton under the Ageas Bowl to contest a prestigious Business Magazine Award. In total 15 awards are under consideration, but the evening offers as much opportunity as accolades.

Leading construction firm, Amiri headline sponsor the black-tie event. The award-winning firm was founded in 2005 and have a proud track record of delivery in projects across education, retail and commercial sectors. Testament to the standard of the firm’s work is that 30% of their contracts are repeat business.

Amiri’s 54 employees are based in two offices Fareham and Bournemouth, from where they offer a high quality solutions driven service across the South Coast.

Asked about their sponsorship of the event Amiri Business Development Lead, Mark Vincent, said: “Quite simply the opportunity the awards offer for spontaneous and new contacts is simply too good to pass up.

“This is more than a welcome opportunity presently. While we were busy during the last two years of lockdown and you could argue that work did in many ways, continue as normal, the opportunity to bring 250 industry leaders into the one room again was too good to be missed.”

Amiri Construction also sponsored the 2019 South Coast Property Awards and Mark said: “We were incredibly impressed by the standard of the companies shortlisted.

“No doubt 2019 was a very successful event and we hope despite the two-year break, that we can generate the same level of enthusiasm and passion through our sponsorship of this event and these awards.

“The guestlist was frankly very impressive, as was the array of awards. The opportunity to introduce these companies to each other proved too good to not get involved.”

Asked about the current state of the industry on the South Coast, Mark summed it up succinctly as “Busy.”

“We don’t suffer the same highs and lows as the rest of the country. The waterways mean land availability is our main issue. It also makes it difficult for industry to overheat.

“The covid lockdowns meant work changed but it was still there. People saved a huge amount of money during covid lock downs. People need facilities to keep their new boats, their new bikes, the staycation market meant holiday villages, all those doorstep destinations required more work and upgrading as that market expanded.

“Residential work remained strong as it always had, land values remain high, this makes development tricky but a very interesting area to invest in.”

Such was demand Amiri expanded at a time when most other business consolidated operations. The firm opened a new office in Bournemouth during the first lockdown.

“This is what defines us, the people who work for us. We are very connected to the area, the culture and the region."

“This means we are remarkably aligned to the South Coast Property Awards and the work place environment award which we also sponsor, in particular.

“Over 80% of our sub-contractor orders are placed within the local economy. This makes a huge difference environmentally, to our engagement levels and particularly in the level of pride our employees take in their work.

“They drive past projects they have completed every day, we take pride in the work we do in the community, in our community and our company ethos means we carry that into each working day.”

Nominations for the South Coast Property Awards close July 15. You can make a nomination here, the application is easy, requires only a few moments and is free of charge.