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Heathrow: Vail Williams condemns ongoing uncertainty caused by delayed runway decision

By Dan Teuton
15 December 2015

The failure to make a decision over the expansion of Heathrow airport has left businesses in limbo and unable to make plans for another six months, warn experts at property consultant Vail Williams.

Matt Clarke, partner at Vail Williams’ Heathrow office, explained: “The Government needs to stop procrastinating and make a decision. This uncertainty is making it so difficult for businesses to plan ahead.

“The commercial property implications of such a huge, national project range from land values and business rates, to infrastructure and development. Yet companies are effectively blocked from developing until they find out the lie of the land.

“The potential for huge opportunity is there. An expanded Heathrow will bring new business openings, job creation and development driven by the local need for more offices and warehousing, which will feed into the wider region.

“So we need a decision soon so that the pent-up activity can be released. It’s an important judgement to get right – but dithering is just doing harm to the businesses and employees who rely on both Heathrow and Gatwick.”

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