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Protect your staff from COVID-19 with new contactless survey

By Dan Teuton
8 June 2020

Contactless Surveys has introduced a safe new way of conducting surveys and inspections using extreme hygiene.

Surveys and inspections have been, and will remain, a cornerstone of commercial life. Contactless Surveys provides a way of doing this that yields the maximum COVID-19 protection.

Many businesses need a survey or inspection. Typical applications include ISO14001 continuous improvement reviews, safety and quality inspections, and remote site or supplier assessments.

Pre-Covid-19 these were often carried out in-person, on-site. However, a physical presence at inspections is no longer a practical proposition for many companies – for both surveyees and surveyors alike.

Peter Adams, founder and managing director of Contactless Surveys, said: “Business owners and site managers have a duty to protect their staff. The only way to truly shield employees from Covid-19 is to use extreme hygiene in the form of physical distance between them and external inspectors. Contactless Surveys delivers a remote inspection service, providing expertise and guidance live without requiring direct person-to-person contact.”

He added: “We achieve this by harnessing new video and digital reporting technologies together in a Virtual Control Tower platform. This allows external teams to review a business internally at a distance, thereby guaranteeing extreme hygiene and the safety of all staff.”

Contactless Surveys' Virtual Control Tower uses modern ICT to bring their expertise on-site electronically, which provides physical distancing without sacrificing the live interaction and guidance that makes these situations successful. Being present through a Virtual Control Tower means that they can tailor this expertise to the company’s needs, giving business managers the maximum ‘bang for their buck’.

For more information contact Peter Adams on +44 (0) 7931 494 073 or visit the website

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