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Remote work platform Jarvo raise £300 000 in equity in record time

By Liam Tucker
5 August 2022

A firm referred to by many as “the Airbnb for work,” has raised £300 000 in equity in less than one minute.

Set up during the pandemic to deal with the issue of remote working Jarvo surpassed its investment target in 42 seconds.

This record-breaking achievement is an improvement on Monzo Bank’s target completion which took the company 96 seconds in 2016.

Jarvo has raised funds of over £300,000 via Seedrs, an equity crowdfunding platform, headquartered in East London's Tech City. The crowdfunding campaign launched this week at 150% of funding. 

Offering private residential workspaces, Jarvo turns unused creative spaces into work spaces at a time when a third of the UK work from home. More than 1,000 homeowners signed up to offer their property as workplaces, more than 13,500 users are waiting to use the platform.

Founder of Jarvo, Daniel Hillman said: “The traditional office space is dead, and while co-working spaces have opened up a world of collaboration, they also bring a host of challenges with them. They’re rigid, expensive and require lengthy commutes which people are just not prepared to do anymore. 

“The future of work needs is one which is decentralised, diverse and truly sustainable - something which consumers are also championing.

"It was this consumer demand and interest that led us to Seedrs as we wanted to give our community the opportunity to own their very own piece of Jarvo.

"It’s wonderful to see that so many already share our vision for revolutionising the world of remote work. We look forward to growing on this journey together with our investors and users of the platform.”

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