Special Feature: Commercial Property

    With any market review context is key.  Seven months on since lockdown on March 23, the return to normal seems a distant aspiration, with increasing unemployment, tightening restrictions on home and work life and the prospect of a no-deal Brexit at the end of the year.

    Special Feature: Spotlight on the City of Southampton

    To participate in this feature contact: Alan Lindstrom (Solent) – alan.lindstrom@black-ox.com – 07305 582269 Now is the time for businesses to come together and engage with the City’s bid for UK City of Culture 2025, writes Peter Taylor – managing partner of Paris Smith LLP – chair of the Southampton Chamber of Commerce Leadership Group. Signs [...]

    Special Feature: Technology Innovation and AI

    James Valentine and Gary Ford look to understand whether the south is building leadership in emerging technology. Their approach is to start by defining what a leadership position might look like and, as dialogic practitioners, begin with a few really good questions, rather than simply provide answers to what might be the wrong question.

    Special Feature: Reading 2020

    In many ways COVID-19 has changed so much of our economic landscape – forcing us re-evaluate how we live, work and do business. And yet so many of the pillars that underpin our economic success story in Reading still apply, writes Nigel Horton-Baker, executive director, Reading UK.

    Special Feature: Focus on Portsmouth

    Portsmouth is the south’s waterfront city – and renowned as the home of the Royal Navy. And now it is undergoing a major transformation with over £1 billion invested to reshape the city for the future.

    Special Feature: Digital Communications

    Most organisations will instinctively know that digital should be somewhere in their marketing mix.  Few organisations in 2020 exist without a website. For some, SEO and PPC will be line items on their marketing budgets, for others, those terms might be alien and not something that they feel they need concern themselves with.   Then there [...]

    Special Feature: Business Parks/Commercial Property

    It was back in the 1980s that the business park – a concept exported from the US – came to the UK. Large corporate companies moved out of town to office parks, usually close to motorways and with the significant benefit of space for on-site parking. Since then, city and town centre locations have become [...]