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British Motor Show seeks to set three World Records

By Laurence Mcclenaghan
2 August 2022

The British Motor Show will be hosted at Farnborough International Expo Centre for four days from Thursday 18th August.

Organisers have stated they will showcase more new cars, from more brands than any other motor show in the UK. The event is expected to attract some 70 000 visitors. 

In addition to the large collection of exhibitors at the show, organisers have confirmed attendees will be treated to no fewer than three separate World Record attempts.

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Stunt rider, Paul Smith, will be attempting to get himself into the history books by chasing two Guinness World Record titles. The driver and his stunt teams will attempt to set parallel parking and donut records.

Paul Smith will be attempting the tightest parallel park by electric car.

The second record attempt will be when Paul sets the record for the most donuts around a motorcycle performing a wheelie in one minute. The existing record is six. Paul will be driving a Ford Mustang and will circle the bike. According to the rules, the bike must be consistently moving with one wheel in the air.

The third attempt will revolve around setting the record for the most photos of people with the same car uploaded to Facebook in one hour. Using a new Ford Mustang as the photo subject, attendees will be given one-hour windows to upload their images, with a view to getting as many images of the car onto the global social media platform.

Paul Swift said: “The British Motor Show is all about entertainment and so are our precision driving displays, but we want to leave this year’s show visitors seeing us make history by setting some new world records. It’ll be a tough call, but I hope by Sunday night we’ll have achieved it.”

The British Motor Show CEO, Andy Entwistle, said: “What better way to celebrate record-breaking ticket sales than by breaking some records of our own – and by involving the public as well as our Live Arena record attempts we’ll be embracing the show’s ethos of being the most interactive car event in the calendar. I’m confident that The British Motor Show 2022 will go down in history anyway, but if we can make it official, even better!”

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