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Captec launches simulation and virtual training platform

By TBM Team
29 June 2021

Captec, the Fareham-headquartered designer and manufacturer of specialist computing equipment, has released a ground-breaking new hardware platform for simulation and training applications.

The company has re-engineered the typical simulation computing platform with its new Quadbox product to solve known and proven challenges experienced by simulator manufacturers, and to bring innovation, solutions and benefits to them.

Virtual training provides a real-life environment that is essential in aerospace, construction and mining, to name a few. The more realistic the training feels to the operator, the more effective the training becomes.

Accurate simulation applications require high-performance computing with cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results. The greatest challenge lies in producing high-intensity, immersive graphics with a real-time experience while ensuring minimum latency or data lagging, and using multiple displays or projectors with perfect synchronisation to provide a real-life feel.

Jake MacWhirter, Captec rack integration manager, who oversaw the Quadbox development, said: “Quadbox takes an uncompromising approach to meet the performance needs of simulator manufacturers. The unique system design maximises the potential for Intel/Nvidia hardware, offering greater rack density than historic products, with a lower acoustic footprint optimal cooling, high efficiency and ease of maintenance. The high-performance, high-reliability approach ensures the greatest balance of the total cost of ownership and performance possible.”