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Four Egnyte workers on what they've learned by choosing tech as a career

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Egnyte's latest Reading-based employees discuss their varied career journeys into tech 

Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. Propelled even further by the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant shift to remote work, there is now an unprecedented demand for tech professionals.  

Indeed, recent research shows that 70 percent of technology employers are experiencing skills shortages, with almost a quarter expecting it to greatly impact their recruitment.  

Plugging this gap requires organisations to look at other avenues for talent, considering which industries and job roles hold transferable skills, as well as acknowledging how to attract minority groups who have traditionally been left out of the workforce.  

Divergent journeys into tech 

Following a record-breaking year of growth in 2021, US software company, Egnyte, has recently hired a number of employees based at the company's UK office in Reading.  

These new starters prove that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to working in technology, coming from careers in politics, teaching, estate agency - and even all the way from the US.  We spoke to them about their varied journeys into the industry:  

Tess Obisesan, Sales Development Representative: 

Tess explains that his career meandered through a few industries before arriving into SaaS. “There was a short stint in local politics before owning two successful hospitality businesses by the age of 26 which saw me nominated for young entrepreneur of the year in the London borough of Southwark 2019,” he notes.  

“It was within my entrepreneurial days where I developed the transferable sales skills that I look to lean on as I begin a career in SaaS. The tech market, which is growing year on year, has always interested me, so it’s a great pleasure to work at Egnyte and be a part of the growing EMEA team.” 

Caroline O'Callaghan, Account Executive: 

Like Tess, a career in tech sales wasn’t Caroline’s first choice. “When I first left Chester University and moved back to London I went to work in a school with the intention to become a teacher. A career that I realised probably wasn't for me.”  

Enjoying dining out at different restaurants, Caroline regularly used OpenTable to book her reservations. “I started my sales career as an SDR there, calling restaurants to engage their interest in the booking system. A product I was passionate about as I used it weekly.”  

Having then worked as a sales executive at, she joined Egnyte a few weeks ago, “excited about what the future will bring.” 

Tallulah Israel, Sales Development Representative: 

Reading born-and-bred, Tallulah is the youngest Egnyte employee, joining the business at the end of February 2022 within the UK sales development team.

Tallulah reflects on her experience of school: “I never enjoyed it, dyslexic and unfocused, I just looked forward to the 3:30 pm bell. I knew upon leaving school I wanted to propel myself into the business world.” 

This she did, starting her career in an estate agency, then onto cyber security recruitment working her way up to managerial level. 

“I am grateful for all the opportunities I have earned to be able to progress within my career,” Tallulah adds. “Throughout my youth I was always complimented on my confidence and ability to find a common ground with anyone, which I believe has led me to a sales-based role. A couple of months into grasping the SaaS world and I am really enjoying the new challenge!” 

Katelynd Trinidad, Strategic Business Development Manager: 

Like her co-workers, Katelynd Trinidad never anticipated having a career in tech. “I started with Egnyte almost three years ago as a new graduate out of Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, where I studied marketing.”  

Katelynd’s first position at Egnyte was as a Sales Development Representative, based in Spokane.  

“I quickly discovered sales was my forte but fortunately I was able to transition to the training team where I have been ever since. Creating content that serves our customer base through product education is much more natural to my personality and talents. 

“I recently relocated from the United States to Reading as a Strategic Business Development Manager for Professional Services and Training, where I can better serve our EMEA customers,” she adds.  

Reimagining the route into tech 

When you imagine what a typical tech employee looks like, or wonder how they got established in their career, a picture may come to mind. However, these Egnyte employees show that people from all backgrounds and careers can transition to and thrive in the industry.  

Egnyte ended 2021 with more than $150 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), adding more than 200 new employees globally. Of these new employees, each will have a different story to tell about entering the industry. But more importantly, each has a key role to play in the future of this fast-growth company. 

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