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Growing demands for proactive cyber security

By Dan Teuton
27 August 2019

The threat of cyber incidents continues to rise across all organisations with regular stories of reputable organisations suffering from cyber attacks. Yet, IT departments are expected to run systems 24/7 x 365 days a year to support business operations. The effect of system downtime can be felt across the organisation and often impacts revenue, profits and reputation.

As cyber security threats multiply, Nouveau believes that firewalls and antivirus software on their own are no longer enough to protect your systems.

Keeping up to date with the latest cyber security deterrents can be difficult. As threats evolve so do the plethora of new security technologies to help, but this can add another level of complexity to your current IT operations. This is leading to many organisations looking for security outsourcing partners to provide a range of managed security services.

Regardless of company size, the increase in cybercrime has firmly put cyber security back on the management agenda. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019, commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) found that ‘around three-quarters of businesses (78%) and charities (75%) say that cyber security is a high priority for their organisation’s senior management. Four in 10 businesses (40%) and around a third of charities (35%) say it is a very high priority’.

It is clear with the sophisticated nature of some attacks that organisations need more proactive protection to act as a deterrent from the most persistent cyber attacks. Most organisations have three component parts to their security posture that involves processes, employees and technology – at Nouveau we advise on all three elements.

Familiarity with many of the top threats and how to deter them is important, but new and more sophisticated threats continue to appear on a regular basis. The latest security technology can make a significant difference, but it can also add complexity and a learning curve for your IT and security resources. Tracking and tackling threats and where they originate either internally or externally, while effective, can take more time and resource. Often with numerous security software alerts it can be difficult to know what is real or not and can lead to ‘alert fatigue’ with some threats going undetected. As threats continually evolve and change, it can prove difficult for businesses to keep pace and manage security internally.

At Nouveau we recognise that more organisations of all sizes are turning to external security managed services businesses like ours that can offer 24x7 proactive outsourcing services matched to suit an organisations’ needs. We keep pace with change and constantly improve our technical knowledge and skills to monitor, maintain, test and deploy the latest security tools, processes and services.

We are used to working with a range of companies from SMEs to large enterprises and regularly advise clients by carrying out security health checks and audits. As we keep in touch with the latest threats we can consult on the most appropriate deterrents. With a cross pollination of technologies our security experience and expertise consider the interoperability across your IT infrastructure and enables us to have a greater understanding of your security challenges. Our range of security services and expertise cover the total security life cycle in any organisation. We assess needs by exploring the current cyber security posture, uncovering or confirming any potential weaknesses. A remediation plan can be developed offering advice, tools, training and help to minimise your cyber security risks. With the indefinite evolution of threats, we also provide comprehensive managed security services to deter the most determined threats.

Ultimately, we recognise that security needs are largely driven by an organisation’s appetite for risk and the size of the business. In answer to this Nouveau can deploy a robust, yet flexible, managed IT security policy that safeguards your systems and data, complies with increasingly comprehensive legislation, and allows employees the freedom to work collaboratively from any location on any device.

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“I’ve been working with Nouveau to address a number of key IT Security concerns and their knowledge and consultative approach is one of the reasons I’ve partnered with them as my primary trusted IT Security partner”

Iain Andrews – IT systems and security manager, Alzheimer’s Research UK

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