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Is your tech firm the best employer in the Thames Valley? 

By Laurence Mcclenaghan
27 June 2022

The Thames Valley Tech Awards, held at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre on October 20, will champion, in addition to eleven other categories, the Tech Employer of the Year as sponsored by Hays Recruitment. 

The winner of the award, indeed those companies who make the shortlist, will set themselves apart from their contemporaries in terms of attracting top tier candidates. 

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According to Sarah Stevenson, Director at Hays recruitment, local Tech companies are attracting candidates from beyond the Thames Valley. Whilst Thames Valley workers are finding employment opportunities further afield without commuting. 

The tech industry, is, according to the category sponsor Hays Recruitment, now among the biggest employers in the region.

Sarah Stevenson said: “The biggest part of our business now is placing tech people in tech positions. As an organisation we are also going through our own huge transformation. This gives us great insight into the tech recruitment market due to our presence in it. We understand the matching process from both sides. 

“We get it.” 

The Thames Valley market is characterised by its blend of large multi nationals and SMEs. Hays, assist both conglomerates and small start-ups to recruit the talent they require. 

Sarah Stevenson said: “We support both SMEs and large organisations and Thames Valley is a real mix of both of those. We represent both in their recruitment needs.” 

Expectations among that talent pool have evolved post-pandemic. 

Sarah continued: “So many tech roles are fully remote and so many businesses are in growth mode once again. This means Thames Valley candidates, who previously only had opportunities close at hand, now have a much wider sphere of opportunities.  

“Hays have matched local candidates with remote jobs as far away as Scotland.” 

The Hays Director continued: “This obviously makes the job I do both more exciting and more challenging.  

“We must be more creative in how we approach organisations that we work with. We can’t simply operate the same as we did pre-pandemic. Neither can the businesses we work with, otherwise they will not meet their business and in particular their growth goals.” 

What are the new demands faced by recruiters seeking to bolster their talent base? 

“At Hays, we challenge employer value propositions,” explains Sarah from her office in Egham Surrey. 

“That is, how they go to market to attract candidates. We ask them to define their business culture, their CSR, we ask what do they in terms of employee wellbeing? 

“It is so important that this is fit for purpose? 

“These are the questions would be employees are asking. Therefore our customers must work on this to stand out from the crowd: And they need to stand out from the crowd in order to attract that top tier talent. 

“So at Hays we spend some time doing that.” 

And that includes? 

“The obvious things such as flexible working, hybrid working. Essentially it defines what makes a firm a great place to work.” 

If you are looking for a great place to work contact Hays Recruitment. 

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