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Liquid Friday and Stride join forces to deliver a solution for recruiters

By TBM Team
29 June 2021

Portsmouth-based contractor services provider Liquid Friday has entered into an agreement with job platform Stride (formerly known as JobLab) to develop Stride’s technology and IP into a new solution to better serve their recruitment agency clients.

Liquid Friday supports over 5,000 contractors and more than 400 recruitment agencies nationwide. CEO Colin Gunnell explained the aspiration behind the deal: “We are always keen to pursue opportunities that we feel can be evolved to add commercial value to our recruitment agency clients.

“Our strategy is to repurpose the Stride platform and evolve it to become a software solution that allows our recruitment agency clients to have a digital interface between themselves and their clients, through technology automation and AI, so they and their consultants can work more efficiently, spending more time adding value to their clients and growing their businesses.

“Our commercial goal is to provide this as a white-labelled solution at no cost to our agency clients for their Liquid Friday umbrella contractors. For a long time, we’ve considered how we can better support and add value to our agency clients and the provision of technology that has the potential to enable enhanced placements is an area we believe will add value and allow enhanced growth to us and our recruitment agency clients.”

Rollout for delivery of the new solution is expected to commence in early 2022.