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Tech Leadership is...

By Laurence Mcclenaghan
3 August 2022

A winning Tech Leadership will take risks, exude vision, drive, a desire for excellence and be able to take their team with them on a journey, according to Boyes Turner Partner, and Head of Business Services Group Barry Stanton.

Boyes Turner sponsors Tech Leadership Team of the Year at The Business Magazine's 2022 Thames Valley Tech Awards.

The award will be given to the IT team who implemented new technologies, strategies, or transformed ways of working to significantly improve performance over the past 18 months or so. This award celebrates the teams who devise, deliver and manage the projects which make a difference.

Reading-based law firm Boyes Turner specialise in the technology and innovation sectors. Boyes Turner Partner and Head of Business Service Group, Barry Stanton said: "I think it is really important that tech teams drive the business forward. They can't do that without taking the people in the business with them. That is the most important aspect of a tech leadership team. Their ability to take people with them.

Boyes Turner

"To be successful they need to be able to set a strategy and a new strategy is only possible with new ideas. Ideas are actually the forefront of the tech world. Success follows when you use the tech in the right way.

To that end it is important that businesses hire the right people in IT positions and then those IT teams take their colleagues with them.


Asked about his partnership with the Thames Valley Tech Awards Mr Stanton said:

"We share the same values. At Boyes Turner we strive for excellence and the awards are a celebration of that.

"New strategies and new ideas are at the forefront of the Tech world. Leadership is about getting people to follow new ideas, it is about being a risk taker. We want nominees to exude vision, drive, dynamism."

What additional strengths would shortlisted Tech leadership Team of the Year nominees possess?

"Dynamic leadership is being able to strive forward while taking people with you toward a set of shared goals and objectives. You have to show people how you can get there as you can't drag anyone on the journey.

"Leadership is about bringing people with you while empowering them at the same time, through new training, skills etc," said Mr Stanton.

If you'd like to nominate a fintech company - or any tech organisation for a Thames Valley Tech Award, you can do so on our website here.

The Thames Valley Tech Awards, headline sponsored by Westcoast, will be held on 20 October 2022 at the Select Car Leasing Stadium (formerly Madejski Stadium) in Reading. The event is hosted by comedian Lucy Porter, tickets are available now. ENTER HERE