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Webinar selling: A guide for successful sales during your webinar

By Dan Teuton
3 June 2021

If you have never used any webinars to market products or services your business offers, you could too easily be underestimating the power of webinars as a promotional tool. To help take advantage of webinar selling, this is a step-by-step guide for successful sales during your webinar.

As revealed in statistics shared by Bplans, 20-40% of people who attend a webinar become qualified leads, while 5% of attendees will buy something within 48 hours of viewing the webinar. However, you should prepare your webinar carefully – such as by heeding the following tips:

Webinar selling: A guide for successful sales during your webinar

Choose the right topic for your webinar

What would be the 'right' topic? To help you decide, you should think about your intended audience – in terms of such factors as age, gender and education and income levels. Then, you should consider what their biggest pain points might be – and you could find out by taking to Google or social media.

Alternatively, you could simply ask your target audience directly – perhaps by emailing subscribers to your email list, if you do have one, and seeking details concerning the greatest challenges faced by these people.

Write the script for your webinar

If you have attended other brands’ webinars in the past, the speaker might have come across as so natural and spontaneous, you didn’t have even an inkling that, well… most webinars actually follow a script, according to marketing guru Jeff Bullas.

He advises that you divide your own webinar’s script into three parts: an intro of 10-15 minutes, the main bulk of content lasting 45-60 minutes, and a closing segment of roughly 15-30 minutes.

Rehearse delivering the webinar

There are several reasons why you should do this. One, you could find, as you give your webinar a dry run, that your presentation slides include one or two errors posing the risk of embarrassing you or at least taking some shine off the professional image you have worked hard to foster.

You could also encounter technical difficulties with the webinar software, though you can reduce the chances of this happening if you deploy a webinar platform from a reliable provider like ON24.

Advertise your webinar

Once you know what you will say in the webinar and when it will happen, you can start promoting the webinar through various avenues – such as on your website and relevant posts of your blog.

Remember that email list mentioned earlier? You could use that to send a series of emails inviting people to book a place among the future webinar’s attendees. Generally avoid sending more than three emails per recipient, though – lest you come across as too pushy.

Finally, present the webinar

The good news is that, if you’ve already prepared thoroughly, such as by following all of the above advice, you could find delivering the webinar on the big day surprisingly straightforward.

After all, it would be largely just a matter of reading from the script – though you could benefit from memorising it as much as possible beforehand. This would make it easier for you to sound natural and maybe even go off on an occasional tangent as the webinar itself gets underway.

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